About ControlAir

Founded in 1987, ControlAir is a worldwide leading manufacturer of precision pneumatic and electro pneumatic control products. ControlAir’s customer-driven, “flat” management structure minimizes corporate overhead and staff, allowing the company to be very price competitive. In addition, its automated inventory control operation minimizes inventory, while assuring customers of in-stock availability and on-time delivery. ControlAir distinguishes itself from competitors in the unique ability to adapt its products to customer-specific applications through joint development projects and strategic design partnerships.

Air Pressure Regulators

ControlAir offers three main categories of Air Pressure Regulators; Precision Regulators, Filter Regulators and General Purpose Regulators. Precision Regulators offer accuracy and sensitivity while General Purpose Regulators offer greater economy and efficiency. Air Filter Regulators are considered a vital air preparation device when it comes to protecting your sensitive downstream equipment. Each category includes regulators in various sizes, materials and pressure ranges.


ControlAir offers I/P, E/P and P/I Transducers. These versatile Electronic Pressure Regulators are designed to offer the highest degree of accuracy, reliability and repeatability in a compact housing. Offered with extensive combinations of inputs and outputs, industry certifications (FM, CSA, ATEX, IECEx) and Explosion-proof housings.For natural gas applications, please use our Type 950 with an NG rating.


ControlAir Volume Boosters offer high flow capacity and fast response with a wide range of signal to output pressure ratios to choose from. Our Pneumatic Volume Boosters are used extensively for increased flow capacity, pressure amplification, and remote pressure control applications.


ControlAir Diaphragm Air Cylinders offer low-friction dynamic sealing by way of long stroke rolling diaphragm technology.These pneumatic cylinders provide virtually frictionless conversion of pneumatic pressure to linear force. Operating features offer:


ControlAir Pneumatic and Electro-Pneumatic Valve Positioners are designed to provide stable and accurate control of rotary and linear valves. These force balanced positioners are fast responding, reliable and easy to calibrate and maintain. The NEMA 4X (IP66) housing provides rugged resistance to severe industrial environments.We also have a natural gas rated Valve Positioner when paired with our Type 950 IP Transducer.


ControlAir’s family of stainless steel process control devices utilize corrosion resistant stainless steel (316L) to provide longer life in offshore and other harsh environments. All are designed for high-performance and accuracy while being in the most challenging environments.


ControlAir offers the largest selection of Precision Pneumatic Pressure Regulators. Our precision regulators provide the highest level of regulation accuracy and repeatability available and cater to a wide range of applications that require exact pressure control under variable operating conditions. Applications include medical devices, air gauging, diagnostic equipment, coordinate measuring machines, leak testing equipment, semi-conductor machinery and calibration equipment.


The L100 Bubble-Tube Liquid Level System is a fully self contained instrument, requiring only connections to air or gas supply, dip tube and electrical power source to provide precise level measurement. Because only the stationary dip tube and the purge gas come in contact with the liquid, this system is ideal for applications involving hazardous locations or liquids which are highly corrosive, viscous, hot, (molten metal), explosive, slurry type or foodstuff. Some of the specific applications include waste and water treatment plants for municipalities and trash to energy plants.