Ametek Jofra

Temperature Calibrators

Our dry-block and liquid bath portable temperature calibrators include 6 series with more than 25 models and temperature ranges from -100 to 1205°C. All feature portability, accuracy, speed, and advanced documenting functions with JofraCal calibration software. Our calibrators include the smallest and coldest dry-block temperature calibrator available.

Reference temperature calibrator (RTC) image


Reference Temperature Calibrator (RTC with 7 models ranging from -100 to 700 °C),in which RTC 168 is used for Sanitary Sensor Calibration

Professional temperature calibrator (PTC) image


Professional Temperature Calibrator (PTC with 5 models ranging from -90 to 660 °C)

Easy temperature calibrator image


Easy Temperature Calibrator (ETC with 3 models ranging from -10 to 400 °C)

compact-temperature-calibrator-ctc Image


Compact Temperature Calibrator (CTC with 5 models ranging from -25 to 1205 °C)

marine-temperature-calibrator-mtc image


Marine Temperature Calibrator (MTC ranging from 28 to 650 °C)