Ametek Jofra

AMETEK Sensors, Test and Calibration produce some of the world’s most popular pressure, temperature, and process calibration equipment for a variety of applications and industries. Our pressure equipment includes digital test gauges, reference recorders, deadweight testers,  and a variety of pneumatic and hydraulic pressure sources. Temperature equipment includes high precision dry-block calibrators, hand-held indicators, and reference sensors.

Temperature Calibrators

Our dry-block and liquid bath portable temperature calibrators include 6 series with more than 25 models and temperature ranges from -100 to 1205°C. All feature portability, accuracy, speed, and advanced documenting functions with HYPERLINK "https://www.ametekcalibration.com/products/software/calibration-software/jofracal-calibration-software" JofraCal calibration software. Our calibrators include the smallest and coldest dry-block temperature calibrator available.

Digital Pressure Gauges

Whether you’re looking for a pressure gauge with long battery life to mount in hard to reach locations, a pressure gauge to collect and store readings in the field in extreme conditions, or one that doesn’t require recalibration for up to three years, we have the perfect digital pressure gauge for you